First-hand recommendations to travel to Indonesia

Below you can find some recommendations based on our first-hand experience that can help you make the most of your trip to Indonesia. 1). It's better not to try to do lots of things in one day The traffic is crazy in Bali and the roads are rather bad. So, it takes much more time … Continue reading First-hand recommendations to travel to Indonesia


English bit: ¿Cómo dirías en inglés: “está a punto de acabárseme la paciencia”?

Un nuevo "English bit" te está esperando. Si no sabes cómo decir "estoy a punto de quedarme sin algo" o tienes dudas, dale a play y aprende algo nuevo y útil :)) Acuérdate de suscribirte a mi canal de YouTube y seguir a englishbits_ en Instagram. Gracias!!    

“English bits”: your new channel to keep learning English

Today I want to present to you my new YouTube channel, apart from the travel one, that I opened to help everybody improve their English and keep learning idioms, interesting expressions, difference between similar words, correction of common mistakes, etc. It's called "English bits" as the videos will be short, about one topic, concise, and … Continue reading “English bits”: your new channel to keep learning English

Five-day London itinerary

I decided to upload our five-day London itinerary in case it can be useful for your getaway to London. We did almost everything we had planned. We couldn't see some places, but we'll visit them during our next trip to this beautiful city. In bold you can see the restaurants where we've been to. I'd go … Continue reading Five-day London itinerary