About me

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Welcome to my blog.  I’m a Spanish girl, born in Ukraine, who wants to share with you some of my hobbies such as cooking, travelling and teaching English.

Eat: I used to be hopeless at cooking until summer 2016, when being on holiday and having time, I suddenly felt like making nice healthy meals. Although I’m not an expert yet, I’m happy to share with you some original and easy recipes I prepare.

In addition, I enjoy eating out and here I also talk about my favourite places to have a drink or a meal.

Travel: when I was a child, I hardly travelled as I lived in the Soviet Union and it was quite difficult because of different reasons. That’s why when I moved to Spain, I was amazed to see how easy it was to move around without any borders in the Schengen area. It made me feel so lucky and free. First, I travelled around Spain and to other countries in the European Union. Then, I made my first overseas trip to Australia last year.

I completely agree that travelling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. I’m really thrilled when I look forward to a trip, enjoy it fully in situ and later remember the lived experiences. In this section I’m delighted to share with you my travel memories.

Learn: although I studied audiovisual communication, I’ve been working as an English teacher for six years. I love teaching and preparing engaging and dynamic classes. However, most of the time teachers’ lives are very busy and it’s easy to run out of ideas. That’s why I want to share with you some of the activities I do in my classes.

For those who are studying English, I also give some tips on how to improve your English.

All in all, I invite you to eat, travel and learn with me.