Budget for our three-week trip to Australia

Australia is an expensive country where money doesn’t go far. Luckily the euro was stronger than the Australian dollar when we were there.

In total we spent around 7000 euros on our three-week trip around Australia for two people. Souvenirs, clothes, technological devices, which we bought, aren’t included here. Also, I need to mention that half of the time we stayed on campsites. If you want to stay only in hotels, your budget may increase significantly as they’re rather expensive, especially in touristic areas. We went in peak season, during summer holidays.

As I had no intention to write a post about this when I was in Australia, I  don’t have all the categories of our budget. I could find some information, so you can get an idea of prices:


1). Barcelona – Singapore – Melbourne

Darwin – Singapore – Barcelona      2.213,84 euros

2). Melbourne – Sydney: 132,15 euros

3). Sydney – Brisbane: 155,49 euros

4). Cairns – Darwin: 252,30 euros

Total: 2.753,78 euros (2 people)

Train: Valencia – Barcelona return ticket: 54 euros (2 people)


1). Penguin Parade on Phillip Island: 33,19 euros (2 people)

2). Kakadu National Park: 368,35 euros (2 people)

3). Fraser Island: 234,20 euros (2 people)

4). The Great Barrier Reef: 306,80 euros (2 people)

5). Camping on Whitsunday Island 1 night: 16,01 euros + 10,76 euros equipment renting + 310 Australian dollars the boat (2 people)

6). Billabong Sanctuary: 73,54 euros (2 people)


Camping tent: 109,99

Inflatable mattress and more camping things that we bought in Australia: 42,94 euros

Water camera: 104,88 euros

Wikicamps app: 5,99 euros


1). Hotel Ibis in Melbourne 2 nights: 143,01 euros

2). Hotel Ibis in Dandenong (near Phillip Island) 1 night: 52,50 euros

3). Hotel in Sydney 2 nights: 104,57 euros

4). Holiday Inn in Brisbane 1 night: 72,04 euros

5). Hotel in Darwin 2 nights: 108,55 euros


1). The Great Ocean Road: 189,08 euros

2). Brisbane-Cairns: 648,79 euros

We used a lot our credit card to pay with no commissions and also withdrew money as our bank doesn’t charge for using ATMs all around the world (some banks do charge you, so you need to look for commission free ones). Our bank is Evo.

On my next trip I’ll register better all the expenses, so the budget will be more detailed.

The trip is expensive, but each euro is worth it. When you have a great time, it doesn’t matter so much. For me the best way to spend money is on trips.

Here we end our trip around Australia, but we keep travelling 🙂

We are about to fly to London!! Stay tuned!!




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