Part 10: Darwin and Kakadu National Park

Date: 06.01.16. (Day 18)

Destination: Cairns – Darwin

Accommodation: Palms City Resort

Today we have the last section of the trip ahead. Let’s get started!!

We left our hotel in Cairns in the morning and headed for the airport to leave our car. After looking for a place where to drop off the car and the keys, we figured out that we had to take it to the city center. It was a tense moment as we didn’t know if we’d be able to make it in time to take our flight to Darwin, plus it was scorching.

We drove fast to the city centre, dropped off the car and were taken back to the airport. Luckily, we caught our flight to Darwin.



This city is located in the Northern Territory. Here we can find Aboriginal population and see crocodiles. It’s very humid in this area. In fact, there’re only two seasons: wet and dry. We were during the wet one, that’s why it was so humid, but it only rained the last day.

We stayed in a nice hotel full of palms and with a cool swimming pool. We spent the day walking around the city, dipping in the lagoon (it’s dangerous to swim in the sea as crocodiles reach salt water). It’s quite a quiet city.


We ended the day having dinner in the port.

darwin dinner.jpg

Date: 07.01.16. (Day 19)

Destination: Darwin – Kakadu National Park

Accommodation: Palms City Resort

We got up early in the morning as a bus was going to take us on a day excursion to Kakadu National Park. We left the hotel and waited for a while. We were surprised that the bus wasn’t coming, so we went to the reception to ask. It turned out to be half an hour earlier here than in Cairns. I heard something about half an hour on the plane, but didn’t pay attention as just 30 minutes difference seemed impossible to me.

A small bus with a guide took us to Kakadu National Park, the biggest one in Australia. It’s almost half  the size of Switzerland!!

kakadu national park.jpg

We took a boat around Yellow Waters.

barco kakadu.jpg

kakadu boat.jpg

The wild life is just amazing here!!



A lot of crocs live here and we could spot some. The bubbles show that there’s one even if you don’t see it.


Seeing crocodiles so close impresses. The north is full of them, so you have to be very careful on river edges and even in the sea.



The fauna is also awesome. So green!

water lilies.jpg

yellow waters.jpg

It was a nice boat ride. Our guide explained to us the flora and fauna of this amazing place.


After having lunch at a restaurant, we saw the Aboriginal rock art, some paintings on the caves, which are over 20.000 years old. Our guide told us many interesting things about the way of life of Aboriginal tribes that still live according to their own laws.

aboriginal painting.jpg

rock art.jpg

It was a nice excursion, especially because of the superb nature.

In the afternoon we got back to Darwin and enjoyed the city life.

Date: 08.01.16. (Day 20)

Destination: Darwin – Singapore – Barcelona – Valencia

We’ve got to the last day of the trip. In the morning we went to buy some technological devices as the money exchange favoured the euro.

In the afternoon we took a flight to Singapore. This time we spent our layover at the Changi airport. It’s huge and here you can find anything you want: the cinema, many gardens, a swimming pool, lots of shops, restaurants, etc. Time flew.

cool airport.jpg

changi airport.jpg

It’s nice to have this kind of layover.


sunflower garden.jpg

asian food.jpg

Later we had a long flight to Barcelona and then a train to Valencia.

The vacation was over.

back home.jpg

We didn’t want to return home. We had such a great time! I had high expectations for this trip and it didn’t let me down at all. It gave us so many happy and exciting moments and made a lot of lifelong memories. Thanks for everything, Australia, and my excellent travel companion!!

The next post is going to be a video where I’ll do a ranking of the highlights of the trip :)) Stay tuned!!






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