Part 9: Billabong Sanctuary and Cairns

Date: 05.01.16. (Day 17)

Destination: Billabong Sanctuary – Cairns

Accommodation: Hotel “Holiday Inn”

Today we’re leaving Arlie Beach to travel to Cairns, another city next to the Great Barrier Reef.


We checked out of our campsite at about 6 a.m. and hit the road as there were 624 km to Cairns.

We made an improvised stop on the way to visit Billabong Sanctuary and it was another highlight of our trip.


We had already seen a lot of animals, but here we had the chance to see them much closer and even hug some of them. We spent four hours getting to know this cuties.

We were lucky to see many kangaroos before and in this wild park we could even feed them!! It was amazing!! They weren’t afraid of people whatsoever.



After the trip to Australia the koala became my favourite animal after the golden labrador 🙂




Small turtles. I hope to swim with big ones on the island Gili Meno very soon :))


We were going to see crocodiles in Darwin, but here we enjoyed a little preview. It’s impressive to see them close.



We didn’t see any dingoes on Fraser Island. We could meet them here, though. They seem so harmless.


It was pure magic hugging this teddy koala. It was a unique experience. They’re so tender and sweet.

billabong sanctuary.jpg

This marsupial is so cute. It’s called wombat and he loves sleeping.


Thanks to this stop we could get to know closer the amazing Australian wildlife.

After that we continued driving until we got to Cairns in the evening. We stayed in a nice hotel at the beach. It was great after having spent several nights in the campsite. The promenade next to the hotel.

cairns beach.jpg

After checking in, we went to the city centre. We had dinner and walked along its lively streets enjoying the summer atmosphere.

cairns city.jpg

It was such an exciting day!! What I love about travelling is that every day you live a lot of new experiences and there isn’t even enough time to process all of them. It’s living life to the fullest!

In the next post we’re flying to Darwin to get to know Kakadu National Park, Aboriginal Australians  and see crocs. Stay tuned!!



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