Part 8: Snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef

Date: 04.01.16. (Day 16)

Destination: The Great Barrier Reef – Arlie Beach

Accommodation: Campsite “Flametree”

Today we are going to live one of the highlights of the trip – The Great Barrier Reef.

hardy reef.png

I was really looking forward to visiting this amazing place, an Australian icon. I’d never been snorkelling before and I couldn’t have chosen a better place!!

At 8 am we got on the ship that took us to Hardy Reef.



On the way to the Great Barrier Reef we saw some of the Whitsunday islands.

on the way to reef.jpg

whitsunday islands.jpg

At about 13 we got to Hardy Reef and gazed out to this stunning view that looked like a postcard.

barrier reef.jpg

They have their pontoon there where you can even stay the night. It must be amazing!!


First we went on board a semi-submarine to get an idea of what the Great Barrier Reef was like. I was amazed at what I saw around me: a lot of types of coral and a great variety of fish. At first just the idea of submerging there was frightening me a bit.

Then we put on a wetsuit and the great experience began. We decided not to go diving with an instructor next to you as the couple, which we met on Whitsunday Island, told us that you could see a lot just going snorkelling as the reef was shallow.

After getting over the initial impression and learning to breathe underwater, I started swimming among the coral and spotting a lot of fish. Awesome!!

amazing snorkelling.jpg

Little by little I was feeling more confident and having the time of my life. It was so mind-blowing!! It seemed as if I was in a cartoon like “Finding Nemo”.

coral sea.jpg

The marine world and a great amount and variety of the coral on the Great Barrier Reef is incredibly impressive.

coral australia.jpg

We spent an hour snorkelling and after we had a short break to have lunch and went on enjoying this beauty for another half an hour.


Time flew. I wanted to stay longer because these views got me hooked.


At 14.45 we took the ship to get back to Arlie Beach. I was super happy and impressed by what I experienced. The emotion of swimming in the middle of the Coral Sea is wordless. An unforgettable experience I can tell you!!

way home.jpg

We arrived at Arlie Beach at 18. Pau and me went to the lagoon again and had a tasty smoothie. We also bought this picture to always remember this great trip. I can’t agree more with this phrase.


That day I got out of my comfort zone, got over the inicial apprehension and in return I lived one of the best experiences of my life. On the campsite and about to fall asleep, I had a feeling of continuing swimming on the Great Barrier Reef amazed by the underwater world. I was tired, but immensely happy. No doubt I recommend living this amazing experience!!

In the next post we’re leaving Arlie Beach to get to Cairns, but on the way we’re visiting Billabong sanctuary where we’ll see lots of animals such as koalas, wombats, dingoes, crocodiles, etc. Stay tuned!

More pics from this great day!


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