Part 6: Noosa and Fraser Island

Date: 28.12.15. (Day 9)

Destination: Noosa – Pomona

Accommodation: Pomona Caravan Park

Our ninth day in Australia is about to start. After leaving our campsite in Coolangata, we headed for Noosa. After getting to one of Queensland’s star attractions, we tried getting accommodation in a tourist office. It was a bit of a shock  to find out that almost everything was booked and the available accommodation was extremely expensive. So, we had something to eat and walked along the beach. It’s an awesome green place that reminded me a bit of Hawaii.



noosa beach (2).jpg

Later we continued looking for a place to spend the night. Once again the app “WikiCamps Australia” was very helpful to spot campsites. It was impossible to find accommodation near Noosa as it’s highly touristic. That’s why we moved away a little and ended up in a campsite in Pomona. Luckily, there were free spots and it turned out to be the cheapest campsite we had until now. It was very simple, but just enough. In addition, the surroundings made up for everything by overlooking this mountain.


We put up our tent.


Then we walked around Pomona and nearby villages that were almost empty. I remember that there were a lot of bats, which I’m awfully terrified of 🙂 There must have been koalas as well as we saw these signs along the road.


Date: 29.12.15. (Day 10)

Destination: Noosa

Accommodation: Pomona Caravan park

In the morning we set out for Noosa and its nice beach. I really enjoyed seeing so much vegetation all around and taking a dip in the wavy ocean.

Noosa beach.jpg


Later we booked an excursion to Fraser Island for the next day and had some sushi, a seaweed salad and fish and chips.

In the afternoon we went for a walk around the village. The atmosphere was nice and relaxing.


We also walked around Noosa Heads y Noosaville. Here I saw some amazing houses that quickly became my dream ones. If I win the lottery, I know what I’ll have to do :))

nice house.jpg

A tropical and relaxed vibe. So cool!!


dream house.jpg

To finish this great day we had some fish and chips in the port.

fish and chips.jpg

Date: 30.12.15. (Day 11)

Destination: Fraser Island

Accommodation: Pomona Caravan park

We started the eleventh day very early on a 4WD tour bus as we were going to explore Fraser Island. It’s the largest sand island in the world (120km por 15km). It’s full of dunes, rainforests and lakes. There’re no roads, so only 4×4 can travel along the beach. It seems a highway as there’s quiet a lot of traffic.

fraser island.jpg

It was an awesome experience to travel on the sand with these superb views.

fraser (2).jpg

We made a quick stop to have a tea and some cookies.


It isn’t a place to go for a swim as there’re huge waves and you can feel the great force of the ocean.


ocean walk.jpg

Then we went for a walk around the rainforest that grows on sand. Dingos live on this island that can be quiet dangerous as there’ve been some attacks on humans. Fortunately, we didn’t run across any, but we did see some in a natural park. They seem so harmless in this pic.


We ended up in the Lake McKenzie that has super white sand. We felt lucky to swim in this crystal clear water.


lake mckenzie.jpg

After this refreshing dip, we had lunch next to the lake.

We returned to Noosa driving along Rainbow Beach with multi-coloured sand.

rainbow beach.jpg

At night we walked along this nice lengthy beach in Noosa.


It was an incredible day that created new memories and nice feelings.

In the next post we’ll keep driving up till Arlie Beach where we’re going to spend the New Year’s Eve, visit the stunning Whitsunday Island and go snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef. Stay tuned!!



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