Part 3: Roadtrip along The Great Ocean Road in Australia

Destination: The Great Ocean Road

Date: 22.12.15. (Day 3)

Accommodation: Campsite in Lorne

We keep travelling around Australia. Today we have a very special route ahead.

We spent our third day in this continent driving along the amazingly beautiful Great Ocean Road. It’s one of the most touristic and nicest roads in Australia and also in the world, which takes its travellers along the Southern Ocean (273 kilometres). During the itinerary you can enjoy the endless list of super cool things such as surfing on the best beaches, walking in the rainforest, spotting sleepy koalas in eucalyptus trees, running across kangaroos, visiting small coastal villages, enjoying friendliness of local people and awesome views of the Pacific Ocean, among other things. Such a paradise.


We drove from Torquay to Peterborough.

WP_20170413_15_19_05_Rich (2).jpg

The Great Ocean Road starts in Torquay, a coastal village where the world-famous surf brands Ripcurl and Quiksilver were founded.


I want to especially mention friendliness of the local people. Here in a supermarket we met a very nice cashier who took an interest in asking us where we were from. We had a short conversation with her. In general, everywhere you go people ask how you are, wish you a good day, etc. The Australians are known for being kind and laid-back. These quiet places make you feel like this.



7 kilometres from Torquay you can find the super famous Bells Beach, the world surfing icon.


The last sequence of the film “Point Break” is set here, although the scene  was actually filmed at Cannon Beach, Oregon.


The sand on this beach is very original. It looks like coarse salt. Of course we took some from this beach and others that became very special for us. My friend Carol made these nice sand-filled pendants  that bring me so good memories. You can see her beautiful creations here.


WP_20170413_18_21_32_Rich (2).jpg

After enjoying this beach, we headed for the golf course in Anglesea where a lot of kangaroos live. Here you can see two of them relaxing placidly on the grass.


We continued our route to Aireys Inlet where you can find this old lighthouse (1891).


Afterwards we went to Lorne, a beautiful village on the coast.


Here we saw a lot of white cockatoos.


After we had a drink in Wye River and enjoyed the views.


We carried on driving to Kennett River to see for the first time koalas in their natural habitat. These amazing animals only live in Australia. It’s worth crossing half the world just to see these “teddy bears”. They spend sleeping around 20 hours a day as eucalyptus leaves don’t provide them with sufficient energy. They’re marsupials as kangaroos. After being born, they stay some time in their mom’s bag.


Initially we planned to stay the night in a free camping area. In Australia it’s forbidden to park wherever you want for a night and there are few free campsites. Finally, we couldn’t get to our destination as there was a fire in the area that day.


We had to improvise and live a small adventure as we didn’t know where we were going to spend the night. We went back to Lorne and popped into several hotels. As it was Christmas time, the prices were sky high. Before travelling to Australia, we bought an app “WikiCamps Australia” specialised in campsites that helped us a lot. Eventually, we slept in a campsite in Lorne in our 4×4. The Australian campsites are great. I’m not especially keen on staying on campsites, but I was surprised by how well they are organised here. They have everything you need: a kitchen, very clean bathrooms, a laundry, etc.


It was a great day full of new emotions, adventures and unforgettable experiences in front of the ocean.

Destination: The Great Ocean Road – Sídney

Date: 23.12.15. (Day 4)

Accommodation: Hotel “Springfield Lodge”

We started our second day on The Great Ocean Road and the forth in Australia very early to make the most of  the day. We drove to Apollo Bay to have breakfast. On the way we ran across this kangaroo with her baby inside the bag. These surprises are astonishing. In Australia you should drive very carefully as at any time animals can jump onto the road.


Apollo Bay Beach.


We drove towards Maits Rest Rainforest Boardwalk, a rainforest.


On our way to cape Otway we ran across one koala in the middle of the road. It’s very unusual as they normally spend all the time in the eucalyptus trees. We were so lucky to see one face to face. Like crazy we jumped out of our car leaving the keys inside. We didn’t care as we were drawn by koala’s magnetism.

DSC_0266 - copia.JPG



We helped it get back to the tree as being on the road could be very dangerous because of cars. They’re tenderness.


The Cape Otway lighthouse, the oldest one in Australia.


Afterwards we visited the very famous rocks “The Twelve Apostles”. They remind me of The Algarve, Portugal. The place was packed with tourists.



The London Bridge has an interesting story behind. Until 1990 it was just one rock, but that year it collapsed splitting into two parts. Two tourists were right at that moment on the part further off the beach and had to be rescued by a helicopter.


We ended the Great Ocean Road in Peterborough. This route is absolutely awesome and 100% advisable.


After we drove to the Avalon airport to fly to Sydney.

We arrived at the hotel “Springfield Lodge” at about 23. I will never book this hotel again. It was located in a very odd area (a kind of red light district) and the hotel was shabby. It was a production failure. Not always everything turns out the way we want. The good thing is that we didn’t spend much time in the room.

I hope you’ve liked the post. In the next one I’ll tell you my impressions about Sydney. Don’t miss it and stay tuned!!


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