Part 1: Short layover in Singapore

Date: 19.12.15.

We started our trip in the best possible way by having a layover in a small Asian country Singapore. We flew from Barcelona with Singapore Airlines. The flight lasted twelve hours, plus two that we spent on the plane at the airport in Barcelona because of a problem with the air conditioning. It was the first time we flew with this company and I have to say that it’s amazing. The flight was very comfortable and passed quite quickly thanks to the individual screens that we used to see films, play games, follow our route accompanied by lots of snacks. The flight attendants were very friendly, the bathrooms full of amenities and we had a great trip ahead. What else could we ask for?

WP_20151218_19_09_32_Pro - copia

Because of the delay of our flight in Barcelona, we landed in Singapore later than expected, which shortened our layover. Even so, we decided to make the most of our little time and took the metro to get to know a new city for us. By the way, at the airport we ran across this spaceship and R2-D2 as they were promoting the film Star Wars: Episode VII – “The force awakens”. Dedicated to all the Star Wars fans :))


The first contact in the underground gave us some clues about this small country. Singaporeans obey rules and are very polite. For example, everybody lines up on the left side of the escalator and walks slowly.

When we left the underground, the first thing we noticed was high humidity and absolute cleanliness. I’d heard that Singapore was incredibly clean, where chewing a chewing gum is forbidden in the street, and I could verify it. They achieve this order and cleanliness thanks to high fines.


First, we got to the world’s largest Ferris wheel – Singapore Flyer. Then we crossed a curious bridge called Helix that reminds of the structure of DNA. It led us to the famous hotel Marina Bay Sands that we used to see on TV during the Formula 1 race in this city. It’s majestic and impressive.


We walked around the ultra-modern commercial centre “The Shoppers”. There’s a canal with some boats similar to “gondolas” for a boat ride. All the shops are expensive and luxurious brands. The skyline seen from here is stunning.



We didn’t have time for more and took the metro back to the airport. I think we did the most of our little time in Singapore. I look forward to going back to this place and keep getting to know its corners and contrasts.

We took another flight to Melbourne. After a seven-hour journey we finally landed in Melbourne feeling really happy and excited. The summer welcomed us after the European winter 🙂 We took the bus to get to the city and then a free tram to our hotel Ibis in the city centre. It was 1 a.m., so we went straight to bed to rest in order to start the following day fresh and full of energy. It’s the best thing you can do to overcome jet lag.

In the next post I’ll tell you about what we did in Melbourne, Phillip Island and The Great Ocean Road. Stay tuned!!  








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