Australia in three weeks

Dates: 17.12.15. – 09.01.16.

The trip to Australia was a dream come true for me. I left Europe for the first time to get to know this amazing country continent that left me with a lot of good memories, positive feelings and incredible experiences. We stayed there for three weeks at Christmas time, but they felt like three months as every day was very intense and spent in a different scenario: modern cities, nice beaches, paradisiacal islands, varied wildlife, snorkelling in the great barrier reef, friendly people, different nature, and a new way of life. I’m so happy and grateful for having made this epic trip that was the best of my life until now.

We prepared this trip with a lot of excitement, then enjoyed it greatly when we were there and now I’m about to relive it by writing about this awesome experience. I want to keep a record of it so that it isn’t forgotten over time and also in order to help and inspire people who are interested in visiting Australia.

Captura de pantalla (24)[679].png

This post is a summary of what we did during the three weeks that lasted our trip. It will be divided into the following parts:

Part 1: The journey to Melbourne (2 days and a half)

Valencia – Barcelona by train

Barcelona – Singapore (a short layover)

Singapore – Melbourne


Part 2: Melbourne and Philip Island (2 days)


Part 3: Roadtrip along The Great Ocean Road (2 days)


Part 4: Sydney (2 days)


Part 5: Brisbane, Gold Coast and Byron Bay (2 days)

byron bay

Part 6: Noosa and Fraser Island (3 days)


Part 7: Arlie Beach and Whitsunday Island (4 days)


Part 8: The Great Barrier Reef (1 day)

DSC_0814.JPGPart 9: Billabong sanctuary and Cairns (1 day)


Part 10: Northern Territory (3 days)

Cairns – Darwin by plane

Darwin and Kakadu National Park

Darwin – Singapore – Barcelona – Valencia

DSC_0240 (2) - copia.JPG

I’ll also include a post about our budget and the highlights of the trip. Stay tuned to my blog and Instagram.

Are you ready to fly to Australia? Let’s take off!!





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