At the summit of Peñagolosa

Where: Peñagolosa, Castellón

Where: 19.02.17.

Click to see the route

After a week in a big city full of pollution, traffic, noise, and rush, I feel like getting away and spending a day in the mountains. It helps me switch off by enjoying the silence of the forest, breathing fresh air and doing some exercise. It’s definitely a good plan to spend a day off.

It’s what we did the other day when we hiked to the summit of Peñagolosa, the second highest peak in the Valencian community (1813 metres). We started the route in the sanctuary of San Juan. It took us about three hours to complete the route including a stop for lunch at the summit.

There were patches of snow that Lock greatly enjoyed  as usual.

It’s a very nice route with lush vegetation. The only downside is that you may find some people on your way as it’s a very popular place. Apart from that, the trail is absolutely worth doing.



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